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Our Peace Concert – June 2019

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Community Peace Day November 2018

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In June 2019 to mark the signing of the Treaty of Versailles and to close Burton Peace 100 proceedings we will hold a Peace Concert in All Saints Church with community and school choirs and bands.

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Our Community Peace Day

Our Flower Festival

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How did people share their cultures during the First World War?

The Imperial War Museum, amongst its vast archival resources, has a wonderful sequence of images that serve to answer this very question.

Difference talking in the midst of war…

Whether an image of a French woman chatting to a Maori soldier, or of images of troops on a multitude of war-fronts, sharing their religious practices, you will find interest, inspiration, and yes, hope here.

We were interested to see how great the contribution of the Chinese Labour Corps was to the war in Europe. Some 140,000 men travelled from China by sea, to help European soldiers conduct their war.

We recommend this sequence from the IWM as a wonderful example of how, in the midst of such ferocious human loss, modest, courteous and attentive interactions seem to do away with damaging notions of the other. See more here

Image: Maori solder with axe – The Imperial War Museum, London, UK