Our Events

Throughout the duration of our Burton Peace 100 project there will be a series of free events for all the people of Burton, which will share the vision of peace through remembering the events of the First World War and its impact on us all.

Canadian soldiers building a railroad to the front – 1914-18
  • A holiday club at St Saviour’s for children in the parish aged 4-11years, with a focus on Friendship, Peace and Forgiveness.
  • A vintage inspired cream tea and flower festival with arrangements inspired by the Armistice and the peace and sacrifices that we find reflected in the bible.
  • A trip to the Middleport potteries in Stoke to see their weeping window of ceramic poppies, as first seen at the Tower of London.
  • A Commonwealth supper, with dishes from across the commonwealth, lovingly prepared by our neighbours, with the further exhibitions and a talk from a commonwealth expert.
  • A Community Peace Day, with activities, talks and workshops for all ages.
  • The creation of a commemorative quilt, reflecting the impact of the First World War in Burton and the roles it’s people played.
  • Exhibitions
  • Talks
  • Film viewing and more

Coming in 2019:

  • Service of Dedication at Branston Peace Wood
  • Commonwealth War Graves Commission Schools workshop
  • Open Spaces for reflection, several local gardens and spaces will be open for people to come and reflect on the events of WW1, it’s impact on the people of Burton and across the globe, and of course with a focus of sparing and spreading peace in our world today.
  • Peace Concert. In June 2019 to mark the signing of the treaty of Versailles and to close Burton Peace 100 proceedings we will hold a Peace concert here in All Saints with community and school choirs and bands.

Cavalrymen pausing for a rest on the Amiens to St Quentin Road. 1914-18

Image: Canadian sappers at work – National Library of Scotland – License: Creative Commons BY 4.0

Image: British cavalry at rest – National Library of Scotland – License: Creative Commons BY 4.0